Why we love babywearing

Happy hormones and hands-free parenting are just some of the reasons why we think babywearing is so great. Check out our list below to learn more!

Why we love babywearing


Have you heard that you shouldn’t spoil your baby with too much closeness? Well, you can’t. In fact, the sense of security that you give your baby through frequent babywearing is what will eventually give them the self-confidence to explore the world independently.

Attachment - babywearing


A truly great thing about babywearing is that it enhances the bond between you and your baby, especially during those first months. Your baby loves nothing more than to feel your warmth, hear your voice and your heartbeat, and smell your reassuring scent. And spending time close to each other releases the feel-good hormone oxytocin—which helps the two of you bond.

Developement - why we love babywearing


To see your baby develop and learn new things is amazing—and babywearing can actually help stimulate your baby’s development. Since you keep your baby close when you babywear, the two of you communicate naturally in various ways, which encourages language development.

Simplicity - babywearing


Another great thing about babywearing is that it frees up your hands—perfect when you have chores you need to do but want to keep your baby close. It can also be convenient to be able to leave the stroller at home when you’re walking in the woods or picking up an older sibling from preschool. An easily adjustable baby carrier also makes babywearing easier for all the people close to your baby.

Curiosity - find the perfect baby carrier for you


As your baby grows, so does their curiosity about the world around them. Thus, babywearing in the facing-out position or on your back allows your little one to explore their surroundings while remaining safely and reassuringly close to you.

Tummies upset - babywearing is good for small tummies


If you have a colicky baby, babywearing might help. Carrying your baby in a baby carrier can soothe the discomfort since your baby is carried in an upright position.
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