Baby Carrier Mini Khaki Green BabyBjörnBaby Carrier Mini Khaki Green BabyBjörn

Soft shapes for soft days

Our new print is a BabyBjörn original and has been created by hand, with coloured pieces of paper carefully put together to form this unique design. We have taken inspiration from the varying landscapes in Scandinavian nature and how they are constantly changing; much like how our parenthood journeys can be so different, with new experiences every day. The print brings a fresh new look to our popular classics Baby Carrier Mini and Bouncer Bliss. 


Soft Shapes


Bouncer Bliss

Bouncer Bliss Cotton Print Khaki/Green
Bouncer Bliss in Khaki-Green cotton - happy baby

Cotton, Print, Khaki/Green

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Our best-selling ergonomic Bouncer Bliss is now available in a new Khaki/Green print. The baby bouncer rocks naturally and is easy to fold and move around. Maximum comfort for your child and maximum convenience for you.  


Baby Carrier Mini

Baby Carrier Mini in Cotton Print Khaki/Green
Baby Carrier Mini in Cotton print Khaki/Green - BabyBjörn

Cotton, Print, Khaki/Green

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Baby Carrier Mini is designed for the youngest babies. A comfortable, safe and ergonomic way to stay close. Easy to use and now available in our soft cotton fabric with our new Khaki/Green print.

Khaki Green BabyBjörnKhaki Green BabyBjörn

Soft shapes: The story behind the print

Our new print is inspired by Scandinavian nature. The colours from our forests and mountains have been turned into a beautiful neutral palette, and the changes that nature goes through have inspired the soft shapes and lines. Nature’s way of creating space for diversity and change encouraged us to create a visual celebration of individuality and transformation. Just like nature, parenthood comes in many different forms. To further enhance this, the print is used in such a way that all products are unique – no two products will look exactly the same.


“Every parenthood journey is unique and constantly changing. We wanted to create a print that celebrates that.”

Anna Björk, Head of Design