How to throw a virtual baby showerHow to throw a virtual baby shower

How to throw a virtual baby shower

As our everyday lives move more and more online, we also have to think outside the box and plan virtual parties for parents-to-be. Read here how to throw a cozy virtual baby shower!

Of course, a virtual baby shower is not exactly the same as a “real” baby shower. But it’s definitely a great way to let friends and relatives celebrate the parents-to-be in times when it’s quite simply not possible to meet like usual. And it is possible to create a festive mood virtually! Here are our top tips for throwing a cozy and memorable baby shower that everyone can join wherever they are.

How to throw a virtual baby shower:

1. Choose the date early
Plan a date together with the expectant parents so that everyone has enough time to prepare. And so guests can send their packages.

2. Choose the platform
Use the virtual platform that works best for the majority: Zoom, Google, Teams or any other platform that many can easily connect to.

3. Think themes
Feel free to have a theme, even if it’s a virtual baby shower. This will bring everyone together and make the shower more festive. Also, notify the guests well in advance so they have time to prepare any clothing or decorations.

4. Send out invitations
Don’t forget to send out invitations with a link to the big day.

5. Find games that work virtually
Traditional baby shower games may not work as well virtually, but there are plenty of things you can do anyway. The Name Game, Guess the Person and Guess the Baby are always a hit.

6. Share recipes/menu suggestions
The food at a baby shower is, of course, an important element. Feel free to send guests the suggested menu and let everyone compose their own party snack, which you then eat together during the party. Or order take-away.

7. Plan the opening of the gifts
Since you have notified the guests well in advance of the date of the baby shower, they will have had time to send their gifts. Make sure there is time for the parents-to-be to open the gifts.

8. Let everyone say something special
It’s a good idea to make sure everyone is able to chat with the baby shower’s guests of honor.

9. Record the event
Don’t forget to record the baby shower! It will be a great memory for the parents-to-be.

Do you need tips on food, drinks and games for the baby shower? Here’s some inspiration.

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