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How to start potty training? We answer the most frequently asked questions about potty training

How do we start potty training and when can I start potty training my child? Here are answers to all your questions about children and potty training!

A lot of questions can easily pop up as your child shows more interest in the potty and the bathroom. Here are answers to all your questions on children and potty training!

When can you start potty training your child?
Each child is different, but a common time to start potty training is when your child is 18–24 months old. Most children are ready to start using a potty when they are between 18 and 24 months old. After 24 months, it can be harder to start potty training since many children enter a phase in which they develop their independence.

There are a few signs to watch for that may mean your child is ready for potty training. It’s a good idea to start potty training when your child shows signs of wanting to stop using diapers, for example when they start to feel more irritated than usual by a wet or dirty diaper.

Summer holidays can be a good time to start potty training. In the summer, your child doesn’t need to wear as much clothing, which makes it easier for them to use the potty spontaneously, and accidents are not a big deal. In addition, you often have a little more time during your vacation and see the potty training through to the end.

Where can you potty train?
Potty training doesn’t just have to take place in the bathroom or on the toilet. Make sure the potty is close by, preferably in a room where your child likes to be. This gives them a chance to get used to the potty and prepare for potty training.

How to start potty training?
Above all, you can help your child become diaper free by not pushing it too quickly. Make potty training fun and exciting and let your child experiment at their own pace. Let them decide when it’s time to go to the potty but also offer the potty after they wake up or have eaten. Children often need peace and quiet to be able to relax while on the potty, so give your child that peace of mind.

If you run into any problems with potty training, take a break for a while and try again in a few weeks.

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