How can i get my baby to sleep—7 great tips! BabyBjörnHow can i get my baby to sleep—7 great tips! BabyBjörn

How can i get my baby to sleep—7 great tips!

Are you spending hours trying to get your baby to sleep only to end up wondering what you should have done differently? Find tips here to help your baby sleep through the night.

1. Always stick to the same, cozy bedtime routine.

2. Make sure that your baby has a clean diaper and a full tummy.

3. If your baby uses a pacifier, keep spare ones close to the crib so you can easily find them when your child wakes up at night.

4. Make the cradle snug and cozy with a canopy and put on some soothing music or sing a lullaby.

5. Carry your child in a baby carrier before going to bed—the gentle rocking and closeness to you will help your baby settle down.

6. Wind down for the last hour or two before bedtime.

7. If you’ve carried your baby in a baby carrier until they’re drowsy, put them in the crib before they’ve fallen asleep (if your baby is happy about this, of course). This can help your child fall asleep on their own.

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