Help! How do i stimulate my baby? BabyBjörnHelp! How do i stimulate my baby? BabyBjörn

Help! How do i stimulate my baby?

Are you also wondering what to do with your baby all day? Relax! Stimulating a small baby is easier than you might expect.

For a small baby, the whole world is new—discovering it at a slow pace at home is often enough. Give yourself and your baby time to get to know each other and your surroundings. We’ve gathered a few easy and age-appropriate activities that will strengthen the bond between you and your little sweetheart.

0–3 months
• Make funny faces and see if your baby mimics you.
• Carry your baby in a baby carrier and dance around in your home as you listen to your favorite music.
• Sitting in a baby bouncer with natural rocking is usually very exciting for a small baby. Plus, it stimulates your baby’s motor skills and balance.

3–6 months
• Play peek-a-boo.
• Give your baby a cozy and relaxing massage.
• Add a toy bar to your baby bouncer—this will spark your baby’s curiosity and is usually very entertaining.

6–9 months
• Play together on the floor and let your baby climb on you.
• Explore the outdoors—this is a great way to strengthen your bond and get your baby excited about nature.
• Hold your baby on your lap and look at a picture book

9–12 months
• Build a brick tower.
• Go to a playground. It’s nice for both of you to meet others the same age.
• Let your baby explore a closet or a sock drawer.

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