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Meet our parents: Jenny Wu

Jenny is a LA based fashion lawyer and lifestyle blogger who loves sharing time saving beauty tips, her versatile personal style, and parenting hacks on her blog Good, Bad, and Fab with other busy moms and on-the-go gals who are perpetually balancing more than a few full plates. You can connect with her on Instagram @goodbadandfab. Find out what she has to share about her potty training experience!

How did you know when it was time to start the potty training process? Did your child show any signs they were ready? 

My son goes to preschool and some of the other kids in the class were starting to use the potty which piqued his interest!

What were the first steps you took? 

We got prepared! We got the BABYBJÖRN potty, pull up diapers, and a set of underwear and started talking to him about using the potty and how it was such a “big boy” thing to do.

How did you involve little one in the process?  

We took him with us to the get pull up diapers and underwear and made a big deal out of him becoming a “big boy” now. When the BABYBJÖRN potty arrived, we told him it was his “big boy” present and let him unbox it. He was really excited to see it and sat in it (with pants and all) immediately!

What’s the one piece of advice you’d give to parents potty training for the first time? 

Make it a positive experience! It’s an exciting transition in your little one’s life so celebrate and motivate with positive comments and reinforcements. For us, it was a gradual process and we took cues from him instead of trying to force it on him. Don’t stress because if you’re stressed then they’ll pick up on that energy and will likely associate going potty as a negative thing.