BABYBJÖRN improves a loved product – The Travel Crib Light

NewsPublished: 03-03-2014

The BABYBJÖRN Travel Crib Light is already highly acclaimed amongst families around the world. BABYBJÖRN developed its first travel crib 50 years ago and since then the product development team has improved the design a number of times. The new 2014 version, still has the same lightweight and comfortable features but with a mesh fabric all the way down to the floor meaning that parents and little ones can see each other much better. The mattress attachment is enhanced too.

For active families who like to travel, simplicity and security are the top priorities. A product should be high quality, safe and also easy to transport, even when you have to fly. In 2006, this is what BABYBJÖRN had in mind when they developed the first version of our travel crib. Avoiding any loose parts or difficult assembly was crucial for the project, and the solution was a unique lightweight construction. In a few seconds, and with a single movement the travel crib was up and ready to use. The crib stands firmly on the floor, and simply folds to be put away. The features, which made traveling with a child so simple, were the conditions for the continued development of the improved Travel Crib Light.

Children are naturally curious and like to see what is going on around them, and parents wish to supervise, therefore on the new Travel Crib Light the airy mesh material goes all the way down to the floor so children and parents can see each other. The attachment of the mattress is enhanced with 4 loops, which go round each leg.

The results of BABYBJÖRN consumer surveys show that a practical travel crib has a wide range of uses. It is not only taken when going on holiday but also on days out and to dinner parties. The new Travel Crib Light is not only light to carry, easy to open and put away, but the comfortable and soft mattress creates a nice and cozy sleeping place for your child, wherever you are.

BABYBJÖRN Travel Cot Light

- Easy to take with you. Weighs only 6 kg, including carrying case.
- Simple to setup and fold up. Open the case, lift out the travel cot and set it up in one movement.
- Soft and comfy mattress. The included mattress makes the travel crib a cozy place for your baby.

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Bridgette Kovacevich, Marketing Manager
BabySwede, LLC – Licensed North American Distributor of BABYBJÖRN Products