Baby Plate and Spoon
Baby Plate and Spoon • Orange/Turquoise • 2-pack
Baby Plate and Spoon • Pink/Purple • 2-pack

Baby Plate and Spoon

  • Shape of the plate helps child scoop up food with the spoon
  • Grip-friendly spoon with short handle
  • Plate rests firmly on table
  • Suitable for children to use from 4 months
  • BPA-free plastic

Orange/Turquoise, 2-pack


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The need to test the laws of gravity

Most dishes and silverware are designed for people who don't feel the need to test the laws of gravity with them. They are designed for people who don't wonder what it will sound like when a plate full of oatmeal hits the floor. The interests of babies are a little bit different. When we decided to develop a plate and spoon set, we wanted to figure out what babies really needed.

The story behind the BABYBJÖRN Baby Plate and Spoon
The plate and spoon are designed to suit the way children eat

Study of several tiny dinner guests

We studied babies as they ate, and noted that:

• Babies often grip the spoon at the far end of the handle.

• Babies switch between the left and right hand until they are about three years old – a good spoon therefore needs to be usable in both hands.

• Round and high dishes and bowls make it difficult to scoop up food onto the spoon, and they’re even easier to slide around on the table, to turn upside down or throw onto the floor.

User-friendly table manners with a good grip

It was equally important for us to prioritize user-friendliness. We developed the spoon first.  We gave it a handle that is thicker at the end, making it easier to hold. We added a notch on the bottom, to keep it from slipping down into the bowl.

We put a rubber ring on the base of the bowl to prevent it from sliding around. We made the plate a three-leaf clover shape with corners on the inside and edges that slope slightly inwards. This makes it easier for baby to scoop up food onto the spoon. The outer rim of the plate was given a slant, so that it would be more difficult for babies to grip, turn over or throw away.

Red, grip-friendly BABYBJÖRN Spoon
BABYBJÖRN’s tested, durable and BPA-free plastic

Countless tests and resistant plastic

The whole process from the idea to the finished product took four years. Both items underwent countless rigorous tests by families with small children and test institutes. We manufactured them out of a food grade plastic that is also dishwasher and microwave-safe (BPA-free of course, just like all of our other plastic products). 

The result is a baby plate and spoon set in a smart design that makes it easy for babies to eat on their own.