Baby Carrier We
Baby Carrier We • Black • Cotton

Baby Carrier We

  • 3 front and back carrying positions
  • Perfect for newborns – no infant insert needed
  • Ergonomic carrying with waist belt
  • Can be used from newborn to 3 years
  • Acknowledged as a a hip-healthy baby carrier by International Hip Dysplasia Institute
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Simplicity is fundamental

Since BabyBjörn started in 1961, we have learned that simplicity is fundamental for parents. We made our first baby carrier forty years ago when research began to point out the importance of closeness between children and parents. We are happy to see that more people are carrying their children now and are proud to have participated in contributing to that. At the same time, we have a strong desire to push the trend forward.

BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier since 1973
All of us at BABYBJÖRN always listen to the test parents


We spoke with test families in several countries and felt that we had found a common thread: parents want to use their baby carriers longer than before. They want to have a baby carrier that is safe and secure during the crucial first year of infancy. Then they want to continue using the baby carrier as a means of transport during the toddler years. And the baby carrier should preferably not be the most expensive of all baby items they buy. Easy to use is a more important feature.

How we did it

Designers, pediatricians and many of our 200 test families were involved when our product developers started producing prototypes and testing different variations. Good solutions from our previous models were retained, others were refined, simplified or discarded. It soon became pretty clear that three different carrying positions were needed. One for newborns on the parent's chest, one for slightly older babies on the parent's chest and one for a one-year old or older child on the parent's back. 


Product development at BABYBJÖRN
The BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier We is easy to use

Easy to use

Baby Carrier We marks one step we have taken in our pursuit of making life easier for parents with small children. Our new Baby Carrier We is easy to use. It works just as well for a newborn as for a three-year old and can be worn both on your chest and your back. Parents get closeness to their child, free hands and full control.