Bouncer Balance Soft
Bouncer Balance Soft • Black/Dark gray • Cotton
Bouncer Balance Soft • Rust/Orange • Cotton
Bouncer Balance Soft • Khaki/Beige • Cotton
Bouncer Balance Soft • Black/Gray • Mesh
Bouncer Balance Soft • Silver/White • Mesh
Bouncer Balance Soft • Dark grey/Rust • Cotton
Bouncer Balance Soft • Beige • Cotton/Jersey
Bouncer Balance Soft • Dark grey/Grey • Cotton/Jersey
Bouncer Balance Soft • Light pink/Grey • Cotton/Jersey
Bouncer Balance Soft • Ice-blue fish • Mesh
Bouncer Balance Soft • Turquoise turtle  • Mesh
Bouncer Balance Soft • Dark blue • Mesh
Bouncer Balance Soft • Fog blue/Gray • Cotton/Jersey

Bouncer Balance Soft

  • Ergonomic baby bouncer with an extra long period of use
  • Can be turned into a rocking children’s chair
  • Gives proper support to small children’s neck and back
  • Natural baby bouncing, no batteries required
  • Can be used from newborn up to 2 years

Black/Dark gray, Cotton




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BABYBJÖRN Bouncers – The story behind our baby bouncers.

History behind our baby bouncers

During a trip to visit his brother in the U.S. in the early 1960s, Björn Jakobson saw a product he thought was brilliant. It was a type of rocking chair for babies that didn't exist in Sweden. Björn brought one home for his nephew Nisse, whom he often babysat. When Björn saw how much Nisse liked it, he decided, together with his sister-in-law Elsa (Nisse's mother), to refine it and introduce a similar equivalent in Sweden. 

From slow start to best seller

Björn succeeded in finding a supplier in Gnosjö that could produce the frame, while the seat was made from store-bought scraps of fabric. Production got under way, but sales were pitiful. No one wanted to buy the bouncer, until Björn and Elsa got an idea. They asked pediatricians to test it and say what they thought of it. The statements were so positive that they led to several newspaper articles. Demand came around then and the bouncer became a big hit, first in Sweden, and then several countries in Europe, then Japan, and eventually even the U.S.

BABYBJÖRN Bouncer – a baby group tests one of the first baby bouncersBABYBJÖRN Bouncer – magazine cuttings featuring mothers discussing the baby bouncerBABYBJÖRN Bouncer and Travel Cot – images from the pastBABYBJÖRN Bouncer – nostalgic catalog pictures
BABYBJÖRN Bouncer – now one of our most treasured products.

The appearance has changed, but not the needs

The baby bouncer is now one of our most beloved products. Millions of children have sat in one since the first model was launched over 50 years ago. Children like sitting and rocking while they can see their parents. And parents appreciate having their hands free and seeing their children play or sleep in our bouncers. The appearance of our baby bouncer has changed – with an updated design and fine-tuned details – but needs have changed very little over time.